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Louis The Child brings back the good vibes with new single “So What” feat. A R I Z O N A

My all time favorite duo, Louis The Child, just teamed up with one of the best bands out there, A R I Z O N A, to create this summer’s newest anthem ‘So What’. This is the collab I never knew we all needed but I’m so glad it’s here and I’m so excited to share it with you guys! This new single is just the beginning for Louis The Child’s newest project ‘Euphoria’. The boys stated this new project is all about the “joy, big energy, and feeling of the music that made us throw our hands up and dance”.

That is exactly all the vibes that ‘So What’ brings us and more. ‘So What’ is all about focusing on those positive and uplifting feelings rather than overthinking the little things. This single is the perfect start for their new project and it has even already hit a million streams! A R I Z O N A’s vocals through out the entire single are so vibrant and the beat matches that energy perfectly. The artwork for the cover was even hand-painted by Los Angeles artist, Sima Jo Benson.

I’m so excited to see what else Louis The Child has in store for all of us with  ‘Euphoria’ and I’m even more excited to get to see them here in Phoenix this July 24th!

Connect with Louis The Child: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

Connect with A R I Z O N A: Instagram |  Twitter | Facebook | Spotify 

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