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Lost Kings Release ‘Me Myself & Adderall’ Featuring Goody Grace

LA-based production duo Lost Kings has been taking 2021 head-on, dropping songs that are both relatable and artfully made. While their official remixes for well-known singers like Halsey propelled them into the spotlight in early 2014, they have certainly come a long way and are confidently making a name for themselves with their original work.

Combining uplifting drops and pulsing synths, this duo knows how to conduct symphonies of emotion. Adding to their arsenal of  projects, they recently dropped a new track, titled “Me Myself & Adderall,” featuring vocals from Canadian singer and songwriter Goody Grace. The result is a mesmerizing work of art that takes you on a soaring journey. Listen below!

This new single follows their widely successful “I Miss the Future,” a track reflective of the past year and all of the things missed during that time. This new track keeps a similar note. The song starts with acoustic instruments—the guitar taking the initial spotlight as the lyrics trickle in. Goody Grace’s sullen, yet passionate, crisp vocals guide the track from here. What’s perhaps most striking and notable about this track is the honesty of the melancholy lyrics, combined with a beautiful, blissful drop. The duo has already confirmed that the song will make its live debut at Lollapalooza at the end of this month.

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Photo: PM Studio

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