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Midnight Kids Drops Remix of ‘We Know Who We Are’ by Said the Sky

Who doesn’t love a good remix? Especially during the summer, nothing beats an exciting twist on your favorite song. Producer and DJ Kyle Girard, better known by his duo turned solo project Midnight Kids, seems to agree. He’s just released a perfect and refreshing take on Said the Sky’s beloved track “We Know Who We Are” with Olivver the Kid. This song, which was STS’ first original track of 2021, was released via Illenium’s very own Kasaya Records.

Being able to remix this track was a special opportunity for the artist, and he certainly delivers with his signature Midnight Kids sound. Listen to the remix below!

With Kyle being so moved and touched by the original, he claimed that the creative process for the remix came easily because of how good the source material was. He leaves a fair amount of Said the Sky’s sound intact, while adding a warm, upbeat, and nostalgic-sounding soundscape of his own. The song is a subtle masterpiece that takes you back and lifts you up at the same time.

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