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Lupa is ‘Insatiable’ on Debut EP

When thinking about the biggest, greatest names in the history of dance music, one can’t help but notice a common thread that ties them all together—they’re always thinking about ways to innovate their art. New wave techno virtuoso, Lupa, is not unlike the greats. She says, “When I’m not working on music or art, I’m thinking about it constantly and it’s usually my first waking thought. The only thing I have is this relentless motivation for self-expression and it’s the only thing I need.”

At just 22 years old, Elizabeth Small is making big moves in the dance music industry. On October 1st, Lupa released her debut EP, Insatiable, via mau5trap.

Of Insatiable Lupa says, “This EP represents that fierce, undefinable feeling in my gut, an insatiable hunger.” The depth of her dedication is palpable, as every single track tells a story—inviting the listener into her mind, heart, and soul.

The first two tracks on Insatiable, “For The Ride” and “Darkness,” feature fantastic fusions of old-school trance and innovative techno embellishments. Then, “Icarus” and “The Night” build upon this impressive foundation with industrial techno elements, like larger-than-life kicks and veracious synths. Last but not least, the fifth and final track of EP is the extended mix of “Darkness.”

Insatiable is an outstanding debut EP. From the supreme production to the phenomenal world-building, Lupa delivers on every possible level. At the end of the day, Insatiable is so much more than a debut collection; it is the genesis of the prodigious Elizabeth Small!

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