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Teddy Killerz and Kompany Join Forces on “Assault”

Earlier in 2021, Teddy Killerz & Kompany came together for their first collaboration, “Beast.” A traditional drum and bass banger, “Beast” checked all the boxes and served as an impressive debut for Kompany’s first drum and bass release. Of course, now that he’s paid his dues, Kompany has a bit more room to “ruin” the genre, as he joked while teasing this release. Introducing, the sophomore collaboration between these legends, “Assault.”

A sonic crossroads between dubstep and drum and bass, “Assault” is a heavy-hitting fusion featuring the best of both genres. As early as the energizing intro, one can sense a storm is brewing in the distance. Then, when the genre-blending drum build begins, there is absolutely zero doubt that the drop ahead will hit like a ton of bricks; and it can’t possibly get here soon enough.

An all-encompassing explosion, the drop is overflowing with adrenaline. Perhaps even more impressive, Teddy Killerz and Kompany seamlessly weave an extensive variety of sounds in and out of the drop while never once forfeiting the phenomenal flow of it all. A tactical masterpiece, this “Assault” has been expertly executed.

With overwhelming energy, sensational sound design, and a picture-perfect production behind it all, “Assault” is an absolute weapon – and one can bet that DJs everywhere will be adding it to their arsenals as soon as possible.

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