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Boris Brejcha Drops Part Four of ‘Club Vibes’ EP Series

It’s been a decade since Boris Brejcha pioneered the genre “high-tech minimal.” Since then, the masked artist has gone on to become one of the most celebrated names in house and techno scenes across the globe. This year, Brejcha began his Club Vibes series, scheduled for six EPs, each containing a distinct yet complementary A-side and B-side. Part four was released recently, just two months after its predecessor; the latest installment of Brejcha’s Club Vibes delivers two immersive tracks, titled “Knocking Birds and “LSD Waterpipe.”

Out via Harthouse, check out Club Vibes Part 04 below!

Designed with the dancefloor in mind, part four delivers two potent tracks that demonstrate Brejcha’s aptitude for cinematic sound designs. On the A-side, “Knocking Birds” sets a darker tone for the EP, with cleverly arranged elements that cast a nebulous glow; the track’s progression increases periodically, adding an air of suspense that contributes to the moody atmosphere on the track. Echoing bells mingle throughout, mimicking the sounds of knocking birds. On the B-side, “LSD Waterpipe” starts off with an elevated pulse and effervescent layers. “LSD Waterpipe” takes listeners on a sonic safari, juxtaposing the serenity of its sister track. 

The year may almost be over, but Boris Brejcha still has more music set to release before the year ends! Stay up-to-date with him and his newest releases via his socials, linked down below. 

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