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VOLAC Veers Underground on ‘Preach’

Clad in a visor and bucket hat, VOLAC makes a splash in the scene with exuberant, club-driven tunes. Whether it’s tech house or bass house, the Russian duo commands movement on the dancefloor with their upbeat energy and booming basslines. While VOLAC’s sound draws elements from various subgenres, their latest offering takes a more underground approach.

On “Preach,” the duo leans into a minimal aesthetic. The track is fueled by a compelling groove stretched over a gradual, subtle progression, while quirky vocals supplied by English duo Bright Sparks demand that you move your body. Chic and hypnotizing, this song will coax you into doing exactly what the vocals—for lack of a better word—preach.

Out via Club Sweat, listen to “Preach” below!

Catch Volac at the Pemberton in Downtown Phoenix on Sunday, April 2nd. Click here for tickets. 

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