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Hairitage Links up with DIESEL for Another Headbanger Anthem

Headbangers if you haven’t heard of Hairitage, let me introduce you to one of the hardest DJs out there. Hairitage always throws down and his most recent release with DIESEL is no exception. They teamed up for their most recent release, “BANG YOUR HEAD,” which makes you want to do exactly that! With heavy vocals and a bass line that might just blow your speakers, this is sure to get any moshpit going crazy. Whether you like jumping into the pits or just like listening to dubstep as workout music, Hairitage and DIESEL’s most recent release will give you the burst of energy you are looking for. Give it a listen but beware of any sudden urges to headbang unless it is safe to do so. 

If you have had the chance to listen to the new release or just know that Hairitage is always a good show, you should be happy to know that Hairitage is coming to Phoenix this September! As part of Basstrack, Hairitage will be going b2b with DRINKURWATER as we get yet another unique b2b. This back-to-back is taking place alongside artists like Excision, Adventure Club, Ray Volpe, and others who join as we take over Phoenix International Raceway for a two-day event of headbanging. You can catch this and much more of the most intense headbanging and partying as we kick off the fall season with this amazing event. You’re not going to want to miss out and take advantage of the most affordable tickets by getting yours today.

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