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Artist Spotlight: LNY TNZ

For those who like that speedy uptempo and their hard beats, DJ and producer LNY TNZ (or Jan Stadhouders) has been bringing his fast and heavy versatile beats internationally. LNY TNZ will not be constrained to one genre, as long as the beat goes heavy. He makes the perfect blend of hard dance genres, from hardstyle, hard techno, trap, psytrance, etc. One thing for sure is his ability to bring the energy. His unique musical ability has awarded him with a successful worldwide career.

Photo From LNY TNZ’s Facebook

Hailing from one of hardstyle’s music capitals, the Netherlands, LNY TNZ started out as a duo almost two decades ago by Mitchell Vreeswijk and Jan Stadhouders. Producing hardstyle bootlegs and tracks in the underground which quickly gained attention in the scene. Early 2010’s, after a short break from hard music is when their career really began to grow. They collabed with artists like Ruthless, Da Tweekaz, Yellowclaw and more. Around this time, they signed onto Yellowclaw’s Barong Family label, releasing popular tracks like “Last Night Ever” w/ Yellowclaw, “Fired Up” Ft. The Kemist w/ Ruthless, “We Go Up,” and their FVCK Genres EP. Hard tracks like these were blasted on worldwide radios. They also quickly began hitting the international festival circuit and playing shows worldwide. LNY TNZ have played at some of the world’s largest festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, and Defqon. 1.

Playing as a duo for over a decade, the two were pioneers in the hard dance genre. In 2019, Mitchell made the decision to leave the duo to focus on his mental health and follow his own musical path. Jan kept the legacy of LNY TNZ going and continued to produce heavy hard-hitting music.

LNY TNZ lived by and produced music on the “FVCK Genres” attitude, pushing the boundaries on hard dance genres and blended the sounds to create something new. Tracks like “Mariachi” w/ Mariana BO and “Keep On Winning” w/ Nyanda exemplify the genre-blending of music. Mixing psy-trance, euphoric hardstyle, hard techno, etc., Jan continues to bring the heavy sounds worldwide as he keeps a full tour schedule and continuous release of banging music.

LNY TNZ will be bringing all the ground shaking bass and fast beats to Darkstar here in Tempe, August 11th. For more information and purchase tickets here.

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