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Four Live Sets That Will Make You Fall in Love With Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass is rising in the U.S. and you may already be hearing those speedy breakbeats, bumping drums, fast kicks, and rolling bass from some of your favorite DJs. Drum & Bass, or DNB, has been taking over every stage this festival season. From dubstep artists to house, more and more are starting to mix in some fast tracks into their live sets. DNB has a wide variety of music from chill vibey liquid DNB to bass-heavy rollers, and everything in between. There are so many unique sounds being made everyday and so much crazy talent around. If you’ve been getting drawn to these sounds and want to dive into the rabbit hole that is DNB, but don’t know where to start or are looking for more mixes to listen to, fret not, I got you.

As Drum & Bass popularity has grown to every corner of the world, there is amazing talent all over and more growing daily. Although, if you want to start listening to DNB, it is probably best to go straight to its origins. DNB originates from the United Kingdom and has maintained its large fan base since the beginning. The UK has some of the best mainstream and underground DNB artists and music. Artists like Sub Focus, Andy C, Wilkinson, Hedex, Bou, Chase & Status and more are currently the biggest contributors to the scene. With the continuing growth of DNB here in the states, we can expect to see more U.S artists like REAPER, Kumarion, Skellytn, Justin Hawkes, etc. rising in popularity.

Now, I wanted to share four live sets that I think will help you fall in love with Drum & Bass. These live sets are high-energy and filled entirely from beginning to end with some high-speed DNB. Each set has a unique style and sound that will introduce a versatile mix of DNB subgenres.

REAPER, Live at Kingdom (Austin, TX)

The skull-masked US DJ and producer, REAPER has only been in the industry for a few years but is already making big moves. He has been a pioneer in DNB’s growth here in the states with his “all gas, no brakes” music and live sets. From beginning to end, REAPER’s sets bring high-energy bass heavy tracks, much like his set above from 2022 live at Kingdom Nightclub in Austin, Texas. This set is a perfect introduction to drum & bass. This hard-hitting set showcases REAPER’s powerful music and his unique ability to mix multiple bass-driven genres. Although mainly producing DNB, REAPER will occasionally throw in some classic dubstep or some hardstyle. His Kingdom live set has a perfect balance of DNB, dubstep, hardstyle etc. This dynamic set is well crafted for those who like multiple genres and want to start getting into drum & bass.

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Bou, Live From DnB Allstars 360༠

DJ and producer Bou, is a UK legend bringing all the heat and all the energy. His music versatility and adaptability are like no other. Bou gains inspiration and produces from an array of genres, like pop, hip hop, grime, jump up, liquid, rollers, and more. Listen and watch as Bou shows off his insane DJing talent and filthy tracks live at DnB allstars 360 event in the UK. Bou covers a variety of DNB subgenres in this set that are upbeat and high-speed. His ability to have the crowd constantly vibing is one of a kind. Even with a more intimate feel like his 360 set, Bou does not hesitate to throw down. I encourage listening to this set on youtube and watching the crowd’s reactions. It truly expresses the amount of love and appreciation there is for Drum & Bass.

Connect with Bou: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud

Mozey, Live From DnB Allstars 360༠

Another amazing DnB Allstars 360 set, from rising UK DJ and producer, Mozey. Making waves from the underground, Mozey has been turning heads with his fast-paced thrilling music and live sets. His DNB Allstars 360 set is an intense non-stop roller coaster of heaters. This set is filled from top to bottom with crazy doubles, flips, and unexpected switch ups. This set will keep you on your toes and is filled with absolute filth throughout. Each time Mozey touches the decks he creates a magical unique set.

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Netsky, Live at Crystal Garden Tomorrowland 2022 (Weekend 1)

Popular DJ and producer, Netsky from Belgium, has refined his craft for over a decade and has achieved massive successes. Netsky balances both energetic tracks and more chill melodic tunes. Netsky gathers inspiration from all types of genres, mixing pop, house, hip hop, etc. into lively DNB tracks. His multifaceted production ability has gotten him topping charts, touring internationally and landed collaborations with artists like Rita Ora, Ed Sheeren, Digital Farm Animals, etc. His 2022 Tomorrowland set is a beautiful blend of vibey soothing tracks and speedy vibrant tracks. This set is filled with emotions, it is light, cheerful, spirited, and relaxing yet energy-filled. Netsky creates more liquid DNB which isn’t too intense and perfect for those who enjoy vibing out.

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Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed these live sets. If you are new to the genre, hopefully this has helped you fall in love with DNB and want to explore more. Drum & Bass has an inexplicable addicting brain-tickling soul-captivating sound. With the genre’s long rich history dating all the way back to the 90’s, there is a never-ending pool of music and artists to listen to. As DNB quickly grows here, we should soon be expecting more worldwide DNB talents to hear live. Until then be sure to check out more from the talented artists above. In addition check out Bou, who will be making his AZ debut, at Goldrush: Sonoran Skies, you can get more information and purchase your tickets here!

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