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Navigating Heartbreak: A Journey Through 5 Emotional Tracks

Electronic music has helped me get through so many difficult moments in my life because it reflects emotions—a story beautifully told through lyrics, drops, and soaring melodies. I wanted to share a short story about falling out of love, one of the hardest things we go through. While I believe you can genuinely associate any emotion with any song (regardless of the lyrics), these are the thoughts that come to mind while listening to these heartbreaking tracks.

“Hold On” by Illenium, Georgia Ku

This song definitely hurts at the beginning of the healing process, making it a good starting point for this progression. The lyrics “Why do I hold on to you” is simple yet incredibly powerful, resonating with many. Letting go is a challenging yet essential part of the process, and Georgia Ku’s repetition of the phrase “I don’t want to let go” in the bridge mirrors the conflicting emotions within to just hold on to the past.

“Erase You” by Excision, Wooli, Haliene

Haliene absolutely delivers the necessary emotion through her voice, and combined with a beautiful melodic bass drop, this song promises to bring tears.  Many of us have felt that we won’t make it through the heartbreak, and the lyrics  “I know I can’t erase you from my heart” are felt deeply in our hearts.  Ending with “I’m never really over you” in the second verse, we can’t help but miss what we once had, but on the inside we know something better is waiting for us.

“Hurts Sometimes” by Slander, Fairlane, Jonathan Mendelsohn

Still in the midst of this heartbreak journey, “Hurts Sometimes” is a song that resonates deeply with me. While the lyrics can hold different meanings, to me they speak of someone in the process of recovering from a breakup. Despite appearing to do better on the outside, they remain emotionally fractured within. “Cause I don’t really show where it hurts sometimes” represents a mask that many people wear. However, I believe there is immense beauty in admitting that “it really hurts sometimes,” and it is instrumental in the journey of healing.

“Foolish Of Me” by Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Crystal Skies, Jonathan Mendelsohn

Jonathan Mendelsohn continues the journey with a beautiful song featuring Seven Lions, Jason Ross, and Crystal Skies. “Foolish of Me” reflects the phase when you are finally moving on from the past. Acknowledging the past in a beautiful yet painful way, “heaven knows we came so close” is a touching lyric that speaks of past hopes that have failed. However, “been caught up in who I needed you to be, how foolish of me” delivers a powerful message of moving on and realizing that the past wasn’t aligned with what you needed.

“Best For You” by Trivecta, Selah Ford

One of my all-time favorite songs, Selah Ford and Trivecta deliver an incredible track that perfectly wraps up this journey. After one experiences multiple heartbreaks, the belief in love can fade, and the lyrics “I’ve used my last goodbye, my heart is running dry” accurately captures this emotion. However, this song is a testament that we will not give up, and that everything in the past builds us up into who we are today. The lyrics “I’ll save the best for you’” convey a beautiful message that the best is yet to come, serving as a beacon of hope for the future. And that journey, while painful, leads to better and better things. 

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