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RB Exclusive Interview: FuntCase

Basstrack is just around the corner! With the one month countdown officially started and on its way, we had the opportunity to interview one of the amazing artists who will be throwing down on the Basstrack stage, dubstep legend, Funtcase. Going b2b with PhaseOne, these two are some of the best and brightest in the dubstep and heavy metal EDM fusion. Both of these artists are going to bring insane energy to the stage this fall. In preparation for this huge event, we wanted to touch base with some of the talent who would be joining us and get to know them a little better. Read on for the Relentless Beats exclusive interview with Basstrack artist, FuntCase. 

First and foremost, many of our fans are getting to experience their first FuntCase set at Basstrack. For those who aren’t familiar, what is the story of the mask? Where did it come from, and what is the story behind it?

The mask was originally a joke that ended up happening by accident but also a cover up of my original producing alias from back pre 2009 where I was called DJ Dose. It was a bit frowned upon back then and considered “bandwagon” to write dubstep, so to save any hassle, I stuck with wearing the mask even though it was originally just a dare at my first ever gig and it’s stuck ever since. Now it’s a staple of my brand and I’m really happy with it, as it gives me something to concentrate on in terms of a theme for my branding.

Coming from across the pond (UK), how did you start to see the most success in the US? Was there a certain event, release, or collaboration that brought you unexpected success that allowed you to grow into the powerhouse artist you are today?

I think it would honestly be the rise of Circus Records back around 2010. Flux Pavilion and Doctor P really were making huge waves in the scene and they were the first out of the label to go to America. I rose up with the excitement of the label, being the first signing. 2011 I made my debut at Escape from Wonderland in San Bernardino and it was mind blowing how great everything was. I had made waves with a couple of tracks at the time with “50 Calibre” and “So Vexed” and luckily these and any other successful traits around what I was doing brought me here and I’ve managed to keep myself in the game and stay loving life playing shows out here.

Who were your biggest inspirations when you started producing? Are there any sounds or styles that you feel have influenced or shaped the sound that you are trying to create?

Originally it was guys from the Drum n Bass world like Dillinja, Original Sin and Taxman. I used to copy their styles and create my own versions of their sound as I loved what they did so much. It taught me a lot honestly as I could spot production styles and drum patterns in their tracks and it really helped me form an understanding of how to evolve my production game. In terms of influence, I’ve only really ever done just me (in terms of sound).

You have been playing festivals and shows for well over a decade at this point, performing across the globe. Is there a certain festival or show that you have had your eye on? Any venues that you are hoping to be able to perform at?

I’ve never played at Shambhala and I hear so many good things about that festival. Also I’ve never played Ultra. Would love to take those stages one day and showcase what I can do!

Photo by @tritt_visuals

During your up-and-coming trip to the Valley, you are going b2b with PhaseOne. Is this the first time you two are going back to back, and what are you most excited about?

Yes this is our first time going back to back. I’ve known PhaseOne a while now and always admired what he’s brought to the table in the scene and also the cult fanbase he’s created by sticking to what he loves to do, rather than shape himself into the trends. I think musically our styles merge really well and we’ll bounce off of each other’s set and presence on stage and deliver something really special.

You have been dropping new music constantly, what is the key to keeping the creativity flowing? Where do you turn to get inspired to continue to evolve your music style?

Honestly my release output the previous years has been much less than before, but this year has drastically changed all that. It’s one thing to produce music as a hobby and you’re full of cool ideas you just churn out daily but when it’s your job, there’s a ton more pressure to deliver I feel like. One day you can be hot property and the next you can be gone and that’s just the music game in a nutshell, but luckily I’ve managed to stick around and showcase what I do but in newer and modern ways. I think the best way to be inspired is to listen to as much of the talent that is out there as possible. There’s an absolute plethora of top tier underground talent right now that’s really bringing a lot to the table in the scene and it’s absolutely amazing to see… that’s one of the big reasons I have my label DPMO, to showcase this talent. Surrounding myself in all these amazingly talented people really keeps me going creatively.

Finally, what aspect of Basstrack are you most excited about?

I really love this scene’s crowd and what they bring to the shows… raw energy, passion and so much more. I have a lot of new music I need to test out too so can’t wait to see how much damage they do!

Be sure to join us as we welcome FuntCase to the Valley this September. Get your tickets HERE

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