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ISOxo Debuts His First Album, ‘kidsgonemad!’ Alongside Headlining Tour

In just a few years, ISOxo has risen to the top of the edm scene and for good reason. His producing abilities and refreshing style have taken over the bass scene. ISOxo reaches another milestone with the debut of his album kidsgonemad!. ISOxo’s album skillfully crafts together 13 tracks and showcases his experimental genre-melting beats. Reviving the sounds of electrified trap beats and innovating new sounds for house, techno, dubstep, and more. Kidsgonemad! encapsulates ISOxo’s unparalleled production abilities and is a thrilling roller coaster of music from start to end. ISOxo’s new album is released under the 88rising record label.

ISOxo (or Julian Isorena) brings together a magical genre-bending mix of sounds to kidsgonemad!. Known for his unconventional production style and individualist sound, which ISOxo showcases throughout the musical journey of kidsgonemad!. Each track on kidsgonemad! features a unique soundscape that is high energy and bass heavy.


will never forget this night !! thank you all for celebrating the release of kidsgonemad! with me

♬ STARsound – ISOxo & fussy

Tracks like ‘dontstopme!,’ ‘IGNORANT,’ ‘kidsgonemad!’ and more follow ISOxo signature futuristic trap beats. Then there are tracks like ‘VOXCUTR,’ ‘SKYLIT,’ ‘how2fly’ and ‘SHYPOP’ with Ninajirachi, that follow a more house and techno sound but with an ingenious ISOxo twist. Other tracks like ‘MOONSPELL’ with wobbling bass and ‘fragile’ with an ethereal interlude have an alternative mix of beats. The album also features collaborations from Wavedash, fussy, and Ninajirachi.

ISOxo shared this in a post on his social media platforms regarding the release of his debut album:

Needless to say kidsgonemad! embodies ISOxo’s groundbreaking beat making skills and is revolutionizing the way EDM is created. ISOxo’s new album release follows the announcement of his headlining kidsgonemad! tour which will be hitting cities across the U.S. starting in January 2024. Be sure to listen to all the heat on ISOxo’s debut kidsgonemad! album and check out more from ISOxo down below!

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