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The Power of Love & Bass: ‘Next to You’ by Excision & Amidy

While Excision is the undeniable king of bass music, I love it when he delves into his melodic side, and his melodic songs are some of my all-time favorites (“Erase Me” and “Another Me” are absolute bangers). Excision showcases this side and more with his collaboration with Amidy, “Next to You.” With beautiful vocals, this song is about being with the person you love and how we will be riding next to them. When we’re next to each other, nothing can stop us; nothing can stop the wave we are.

The first drop is beautiful and instrumental, with a wonderful melody carrying the drop. It is calm and reminds me of cruising by the beach with your significant other. The second drop quickly builds up and is heavy. With a long, elongated bass note after the buildup, the drop is weighty, and you can’t help but move your body to the rhythm. The bass drop is simple, yet its simplicity adds to the raw and powerful nature of the song.

Ending with another melodic drop, the song concludes on a beautiful note, truly emphasizing the message of the song. If you’re in love and you love bass music, this song is for you.

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