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“Nightowls” Have Rebranded As “TWO OWLS”

The switch to a new moniker on behalf of an up and coming duo on the rise might seem like a questionable move when your fanbase has grown an attachment to the original representation of your brand. People easily get attached to the familiar so it may be an initially challenging transition for the electro duo. In spite of this, Andrew Sierra and Scott Dro of the group have taken the artistic plunge to rebrand themselves as TWO OWLS.


Their name change is proving to just be a superficial change, as this illustrious duo has not forsaken their original mission to deliver hard-hitting beats. This is exemplified in the release of their new remix of Mt. Eden‘s “Sierra Leone” which allows for a more contemporary version of this classic track.

TWO OWL‘s version is louder and heavier on the bass than the original, making it perfect for music festivals across the world. We love this dreamy and hypnotic track, and we definitely respect TWO OWL‘s name change as a new form of expression for their brand. We can’t wait to see the direction they’ll take their evolution.

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