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Destructo Shares 30 Tracks That Helped Shape His ‘Electronic Brain’

Many years ago Gary Richards emerged from the underground scene and since then has forever left his mark on electronic music. With looking at DJ’s who have “made it”, it’s always fascinating to know and listen to the music that sparked a flame inside of them that made them grind and hustle to get them where they are today. Earlier this week, Destructo gave us a peek into the early stages of his descent to the top. With this collection of tracks, he included this statement, “My electronic music brain was shaped by these songs a long long time ago.” OG Underground is a new playlist which highlights classic electronic tracks from the likes of 808 State, The KLF, Moby, The Prodigy, Daft Punk and more.  Press play and immerse yourself in the music that assisted in his transformation from Gray Richards to Destructo.

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