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Antoine Delvig and Felicity Team Up on ‘Jack That Body’

Axtone Records, the label imprint of former Swedish House Mafia member Axwell, has been releasing an abundance of fantastic music in 2018 from both new and seasoned talent. French producer Antoine Delvig made his debut on the label with his track “Disciples,” which has since been supported by major DJs and curators. Delvig’s Swedish collaborator, Felicity, has an impressive resume as well. Winning first place in remix competitions for StadiumX and Manse, the producer found himself locking down releases on labels like Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings.  Possessing similar ideas when it comes to creating tracks for the dancefloor, “Jack That Body” embodies both producers’ creative ambitions.

The collaboration is very reminiscent of ‘future jack’ – a subgenre of progressive/electro house that was most notably pioneered by D.O.D’s recent material.  Possessing an inherent bouncy, groovy quality, this collaboration contains all of the ingredients to be a success on the dancefloor.  A catchy vocal?  Check.  Impressive synth sequencing?  Check.  A cohesive arrangement of shaking percussion?  Check.  According to this dynamic duo, their aim going into the studio was: “…to make a tune with both groove and high energy…”  They also commented in an interview with We Rave You that they were grateful to receive guidance and insight along the production of their track from Axwell, which made the collaborative process even more immersive.

Connect with Antoine Delvig: Facebook|Twitter|Soundcloud

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Source: We Rave You

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