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Get To Know Yahtzel

Aussie Max Armata, AKA Yahtzel, is one the most highly anticipated artists this year. Starting off young, Armata began recording beats with live instrumentation. As some of you may know, Yahtzel is one of the two members of the incredible duo Carmada, the other being producer L D R U. Throughout the past few years, after the two decidedly made their own music, Yahtzel has showcased his relaxing and enchanting tracks with the support of legends like What So Not, Branchez, and Odesza.

Earlier this year he released “Someone Else,” that moves away from his older productions seen on his last EP, Girls. While his previous music is slower and more melodic, this new style is much more upbeat. The synths and tones in this track plus the soothing vocals of Savoi call for a more exciting and uplifting vibe.

Yahtzel is touring with Odesza in the next coming months and will thankfully be stopping at our wonderful venue along the way. Stop by Rawhide on April 20th and join Jai Wolf, Yahtzel, and Odesza on their Moment Apart Tour. Grab your tickets here.

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