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Dillon Francis Can Help You Get Into Coachella For Free

If you know anything about our beloved Dillon Francis, you’d know he’s anything but boring. Even before he came the comedy king of the electronic dance scene, he was always spontaneous and, well… crazy.

In an interview, the L.A. native reveals that not only is Coachella his favorite festival, but he actually loved it so much that he broke into it way back when he wasn’t a rich and famous DJ. His hilarious story involves the help of Sia, who was actually performing that year, a non-traditional “camp site,” and a potential broken back.


Dillon Francis gets excited reminscing about his Coachella experience

Although Dillon couldn’t work his charm to wiggle into day two of the festival, he still remembers it as “one amazing sneak in.”

Do you wish your bank account could send you to Coachella? Click here to check out Dillon’s elaborate story equipped with video game graphics.  Plan your own 2016 Coachella break-in so you don’t have to break the bank… or be civilized and don’t.



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