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How To Attend A Music Festival Ticket By Donating Blood

Everyone know’s that when it comes to electronic dance music, festivals are the top notch experience. While these magical two to three day events are every ravers dream they aren’t all that affordable. With tickets priced at 300+ dollars and infamous resellers that jack up the prices last minute, the number of festival loving attendee’s becomes limited. But now, the UNTOLD Festival in Cluj Napoca, Romania is about to change that.

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The marketing director for the festival, Adrian Chereji, has announced that UNTOLD will feature a “Pay with Blood Campaign,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The Pay With Blood Campaign teamed up with the National Blood Transfusion Institute to offer free tickets to UNTOLD to blood donators in 42 Romanian cities. Not only is this an awesome opportunity for eager festival go-er’s, but its also for a good cause. This initiative last’s 10 days this month and aims to raise awareness for blood donation in Romania, a country that only sees 1.7% of its population donate blood. If you get queazy at the sight of blood, or can’t deal with needles, I think it would be worth seeing past your fears to experience UNTOLD festival!

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