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Rob Swire Blames E-Cigs for Hearing Loss

If your life revolves around music or being able to hear at all, maybe you should reconsider your vaping habits, and put your e-cig down for a while! You may wonder, “What’s the relationship between a career in music and my vape?” Well in recent news, Knife Party’s very own, Rob Swire claims to have gone completely deaf in his left ear, and he blames his electronic cigarette.

Rob Swire said he lost his hearing for about four days. He later tweeted that he was finally able to restore his hearing with the aid of oral/nasal steroids, which are known to improve chances of recovery by 70%.

In other tweets on the subject, after receiving plenty of hate from fellow vape enthusiasts, he stated facts backing the theory relating vaping to hearing loss. The ingredient in most e-cigs, propylene glycol, is ototoxic (toxic to the cochlea or auditory nerve). The substance is apparently banned from use in ear drops for the very reason that it can cause possible permanent damage to the ear.

Electronic cigarettes, being a fairly new industry, have not been given much research opportunity. There is no prevalent research on what happens to propylene glycol once it is heated and inhaled.

Fellow Twitter user, Benjamin Wareing also tweeted about experiencing a similar phenomenon. He stated he was deaf in one ear for a few weeks, only to have restored his hearing after quitting vaping. Rob Swire said going organic, 100% VG might be a solution to the problem, but he would not risk it.

To make matters better, however, Rob Swire offered to help fund research linking vape pens and hearing loss. He said to tweet him if interested in conducting research on the matter or to contact

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