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Deep Thoughts with Laurent Véronnez aka Airwave

A few months ago I didn’t know who Airwave was. Then he releases In The Mix 001: Progressive Sessions. This album is amazing, and if you haven’t heard it ,do yourself a favor and go listen to it. Then I found his podcast and have been hooked on that ever since. Oh, and I got the chance to meet him and interview him. How neat is that? We talked about his new album, the podcast, and why he has changed his name so many times over the years.

Like I said, I can’t stop listening to In The Mix 001. “This opener of a new series is the result of months of head scratching as I was trying to find the perfect blend between the more edgy sound of progressive house and the trance sound most people know me for without crossing the lines of what I don’t like in the genre,” he said. “In the Mix 001 is my first DJ compilation in years, as my previous one, Summer Euphoria, was from… 2008. I was constantly thinking that people didn’t want to see me as a DJ, and god I was wrong, but because of that, I believe I missed the plot for years.” He went on to say, “I shouldn’t have let it get cold like this, which is probably the reason why it took me months to get grips with a new compilation. And I know that this one had to live up to expectations, because of my actual discography. I’ve really had such a come back production-wise the last 3 years, but at the same time it’s important that people don’t forget that I DJ too. With an important discography such as mine, it’s one hell of a challenge.”

Airwave is all over the place, but he doesn’t seem to be on tour right now. I am headed to Prague in a few months. I wonder if I will see him in Europe this fall… “I’m into a very enviable position as I don’t feel the need to stand everywhere so everyone sees I’m active, so I’m not touring constantly. I’m a musician, I compose a lot of music today, my music is my very very best PR. That means that whenever I’m going for a gig, I’m truly going for it.”

Since I started listening to Airwave, I’ve been obsessed with his podcast. I asked him to tell me more about LCD Sessions. “LCD Sessions is my monthly radio show. LCD Sessions is the true representation of my everyday life as a DJ. I like the smooth intro and start and the peak moments, towards the end. A perfect blend between progressive house and psy trance. Because where I’m coming from there’s no line, no gap between those genres I play in LCD Sessions and In The Mix.”

Wait… Is this Airwave or Blue Velvet? Who is North Pole? Wait… V-Two? Who are you? “I have had a lot of names over the years. They correspond to a period during which I was looking for my inner self into the music I was making. Today I would like to focus on Airwave, eventually a few side projects, and done because I have found myself, and the balance that comes with it. Besides that, it makes sense as people don’t see the credits on the record itself, as it’s been dematerialized. The only thing they see is the artist name and the title.”

What’s next for Airwave? “Tons of great projects with Bonzai Progressive and JOOF. And maybe a few surprises in 2016. Can’t talk much for now. It’s cooking and I have to remain close to the oven.”

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