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RB Exclusive Interview: Florian Picasso on His Heritage and Future Collaborations

Continually making a name for himself over the past year, it’s been clear to see that this rising star and French wunderkind Florian Picasso has been having a spectacular career. In just 12 months he has managed to release a record on Nicky Romero’s revered record label Protocol Recordings, a release on Mixmash Records, managed to sell out the famous Bâoli Miami for his headlining show during WMC and celebrated amassing more than 100,000 fans on Facebook.

I had the opportunity to interview the rising star about what it’s like to follow the name of his great grandfather and what his plans are in the new year.

Has being the great grandson of the infamous Pablo Picasso had an effect or influence on your music, and how so?

“It didn’t effect me directly, but more in a sense of being constantly productive. There wasn’t any days in Pablo’s life without art, and there aren’t any days in my life without music.”

What got you into electronic music?

“The people and it’s community, this whole electronic music family just bounds together.”

Any big events you’re looking forward to in 2016?

“I’m looking forward to every single show, big or smaller…”

You have become close with Steve Aoki in recent months and received support from him and the Dim Mak label, what has it been like working with Aoki and how has working with one of the biggest names in the game helped you to improve? Can we expect a collaboration in the future?

“We actually have a track track together coming out pretty soon. Working with Steve has been an amazing experience in terms of guidance and sharing visions.”

Who are some artists (edm or not) that you look up to? 

“I look up to anybody that makes good music! There is a lot of great underrated producers out there!”

Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

“I would love to Work with Zedd and Jauz”

What advice would you give to a beginning DJ/Producer?

“Think outside the box.”

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