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The Who’s Who of Dirty Disco 2016

The week of Dirty Disco has arrived! Are you ready to get your groove on out at Rawhide? We’ve rounded up a little Who’s Who to help you get a feel for some of the artists – and this year there is definitely a little something for everyone. Get ready for trap, trance, house, D&B, and even psytrance and hardstyle! Learn a little bit about our lineup below:


Anyone who’s been within 20 feet of a computer these past few months has caught wind of the online sensation that is “Suh Dude” but when Getter (born Tanner Petulla) isn’t making comical vines, he’s producing a variety of totally awesome music. The Radical Dude! EP is one fire track after another and features the mind-exploding “Rip N Dip.” When’s he’s not busy producing tracks for rapper (and friend) Pouya, he’s remixing tracks from Barely Alive and a little-known duo called Jack Ü.

Bryan Kearney

There’s going to be a little something for everyone at Dirty Disco 2k16, and Irish producer Bryan Kearney will be bringing us some good ol’ fashioned trance. Get a feel for this artist with his track “Wake Up Call” (featured in ASOT). This producer also hosts his own show (filled with tons of magical trance tracks, of course) called Kearnage, which recently passed 100 episodes. Give Episode 101 a listen and see what could be in store for this Saturday.


Herobust is trap – the kind of trap that makes you feel just a little bit cooler when you listen to it. And with track names such as “Bottle Swervice” and “Dirty Work,” why wouldn’t you? This producer also has a ton of remixes out there – part of a set of tracks he likes to call BUSTED by Herobust. You’ve gotta check out his recent Rihanna mix – but to see just how weird Herobust is willing to get, you’ve got to listen to the single “Skurt Reynolds,” which has found its way to a myriad of banger-filled trap sets.

Freedom Fighters 

Things get a little dystopian (in a good way, we promise!) with psytrance act Freedom Fighters. His music described as a “psychadelic dark trance legacy” on one of his tracks on Soundcloud, and there really could not be a more fitting description. Freedom Fighters’ tracks are much more than just songs, but more a cinematic saga and quite the experience if you’ve got an imagination. “Wasteland” shows his storytelling abilities, and “Hybrid” below takes a more progressive approach – check it out:

Dirty Audio

Dirty Audio will be bringing the house party and we hope you’re ready to dance. “Sky High” is fabulous bass house with over 135,000 Soundcloud plays. However, this producer shows he’s not afraid to get a bit trappy with his recent remix of “Snap” by Bro Safari (remember splashing around to Bro Safari at Wet Electric last month?). Needless to say, Dirty Audio is bringing beats, so you best be prepared: get ready, get hype, and go hard for this set.

Wasted Penguinz

Nothing defines a rave like hardstyle, does it? Expect some sunny hardstyle magic from Swedish duo Wasted Penguinz. Catch the feels with their recent single “It’s Our Moment,” a track guaranteed to melt even the coldest of hearts (and make you get up on your feet, of course!). And if you feel like you needed some more emotions, “Wait For You” feat. Vegas has enough moving piano chords, warm vocals, and bright and punchy synths to fill all of your hardstyle needs.


There’s nothing like some drum-and-bass to get that adrenaline pumping, and Hospital RecordsMetrik is no exception. Get that heart rate with his track “Terminus” or maybe mellow it out just a tiny, tiny bit with “Want My Love” featuring Elisabeth Troy. Metrik’s D&B has his own personal twist on it and we can’t wait to experience his signature sound at Rawhide this year. He’s definitely going to Make The Floor Burn this Saturday.

Dirty Disco 2016 is happening this Saturday, May 21st at Rawhide. The party gets started at 6pm and there are still some tickets available. Don’t miss your chance to experience such a diverse and incredible lineup! Make sure you grab your tickets soon – it won’t be the same without you!

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