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Arizona, Meet Your Decadence Phase 1 Line-Up

This is what you have all been waiting for. Following last year’s incredible display of talent, it is difficult to imagine a line-up that could surpass that. Well… behold 2016-2017’s Decadence New Year’s Eve Phase 1 lineup which I can guarantee will almost instantly blow you away:


Last seen at Talking Stick Resort’s Wicked Ball, we welcome back Arty and hope you “Follow the Light” to Chandler on December 31st!

Hailing from Russia, Artem Stoliarov, or Arty as he is more commonly known, grew up a classically trained musician who eventually found a love for artists like The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, and The Crystal Method. His life changed following a signing from Above & Beyond’s label Anjunabeats with his track, “Rush” in 2010.

Since, the high-in-demand producer has had releases on some of the largest and most influential imprints to date: Armind, Spinnin’, Big Beat, Ministry of Sound, Insomniac, and more. But a truly defining moment came for Stoliarov’s career when he dropped his debut album Glorious late last year.

Glorious marked a milestone for Arty that not all producers reach. Not only was Glorious a stunning example of his style to date, but also exemplified his flawless integration and mix of big room anthems, downtempo electronica, and his odes to classic trance music. Sophisticated from start to finish, Glorious is chock-full of tracks including hit singles “Braver Love” and “Stronger.”

Now, after performances at the largest festivals the world has seen, Arty makes his way to Rawhide in Arizona to celebrate New Years Eve with us.

Connect with Arty: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



Needing no formal introduction, we welcome world-wide hitmakers, The Chainsmokers to Rawhide on Saturday, December 31st!

Drew and Alex have taken the world by storm over the last couple of years! The Chainsmokers looked beyond their freshman effort with the goal to prove to the world that they were more than a one hit wonder… and oh boy, did they prove it.

The Chainsmoker – Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya

With 10 US Dance charters including “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “Until You Were Gone,” with the tenth being their brand new Halsey collaboration, “Closer,” The Chainsmokers have shown the world that are a serious force to be reckoned with. Not only do their tracks posses catchy beats, they also embody musical sophistication, lyrical prowess, and often times a level of reliability.

With their ‘I don’t care, we are who we are’ personality and a sense of humor to match, The Chainsmokers have been the face, voice, and promoters of their own brand since day 1. We absolutely cannot wait to see which music and which antics they bring along with them to Arizona this New Years Eve!

Connect with The Chainsmokers: SoundCloud | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook



As I’m sure everyone is familiar, Deadmau5 is a name in the electronic music sphere that spans far past the general tropes of “EDM.” Joel Zimmerman makes his long-awaited return to Arizona to show us all what it means to have a keen ear for impeccably crafted music and a unique sense of respect for those who choose to do it by their own means.

Having been a staple in a community that it is unclear whether he loves or loathes being a part of, it is undeniable that Deadmau5 is a master-class hitmaker with classics such as “Strobe,” “Ghosts N Stuff,” “The Veldt,” and numerous hits from his latest album while (1<2). In addition, Deadmau5 is a frequent collaborator of some of the largest names in the industry like Kaskade, Rob Swire of Knife Party, Wolfgang Gartner, Steve Duda, and Eric Prydz, making for some of the most memorable tracks and moments in electronic dance history.

As of now, Zimmerman just released two of his most recent singles, the first in nearly two years, “Snowcone” and “Saved,” the latter being featured on mau5trap’s We Are Friends vol. 5. Similarly, the mau5 is relaunching his cube stage design as The Cube 2.0 in hopes of recreating a similar reaction as with his most popular design, The Cube, but this time with a few unique additions.

And if that wasn’t enough, Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz have even been taunting us all with the idea of a B2B tour, pitting these two progressive house legends against each other on the same decks, making for one of the most incredible sets you will see in your lifetime.

Deadmau5 B2B Eric Prydz LIVE – Closing Set (Tomorrowland 2016)

All in all, let’s just say that we are blessed to have such an influence present at Rawhide this year on December 30th, for it may be a while before we are graced with this musical messianic figure again.

Connect with Deadmau5: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



Making their Arizona debut, Disclousure brings their DJ set to Rawhide on December 30th for Decadence AZ!

The Lawrence brothers are known for their groovy house beats and infectious pop lyrics to compliment. Having been nominated for multiple Grammy awards for each of their album releases Settle in 2014 and Caracal in 2015, Disclosure have put themselves on the map and record shelves of many house and pop music enthusiasts all over the world.

Disclosure – Latch feat. Sam Smith (Official Video)

Settle featured many of the duos classic tracks such as “F For You,” a very diva-esque club beat that insists we move our arms and groove our bodies in a go-go-like manner, evoking late disco nostalgia. In addition, the album features tracks “When A Fire Starts To Burn,” “White Noise” ft AlunaGeorge, “You & Me,” and their #7 Billboard Top 100 track “Latch” ft Sam Smith.

Furthermore, Caracal played into many of the trends that made their debut album so successful including groovy disco-esque beats, huge collaborations, and a stunning marketing campaign. However, this time everything was done BIGGER. With tracks freaturing artists like Lorde, The Weeknd, Gregory Porter, Miguel, and another from Sam Smith with “Omen,” Disclosure proved that they had it in them to top one of the most successful electronic albums to date, which also happened to be their own.

Most recently, Disclosure dropped their latest EP, a love letter to the synthesizer that started it all: Moog for Love.

Although they will not be giving us the live treatment here in AZ as they did in Indio Valley for Coachella, you can still expect a monstrously compelling set from the Brothers Lawrence come NYE.

Connect with Disclosure: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud



Help us welcome that underground Chicago house music sound to Arizona for Decadence NYE on Friday December 30th!

Curtis Jones, or Green Velvet as he is more commonly known, didn’t always have the plan of crafting house music. In his early days the artist considered becoming a doctor, but that plan was shelved when he discovered his innate love for sounds embedded in Chicago club culture, largely deriving from his father’s part time job as a DJ.

Cajmere-percolator(original mix)

Originally producing music under the name Cajmere, Green Velvet made a name for himself through his first couple of releases as his original alias including major hits “Coffee Pot (It’s Time for the Perculator)” and “Brighter Days.”

With a desire to differentiate himself from the Cajmere name, Jones created Green Velvet; a name which would be associated with the neon-haired cyber delinquent identity he created for himself. The moniker would come to be associated with a punk attitude, bizarre spoken lyrics, and a style similar to Prince and Kraftwerk. His first album release came with Constant Chaos which represents the above descriptors to a tee.

Following several original releases and remixes, a number of subsequent album releases, his European breakthrough, the creation of the Relief podcast, and his foray into live keytar performances, Jones took on a new project as Green Velvet alongside Claude Von Stroke, Get Real. As this newly formed duo, Jones and Von Stroke have blended Chicago House and Dirtybird vibes together to create a unique underground experience.

Therefore, strap in and prepare for adventure that will require an willingness to dive into dance music history and the ability to let your body relax into a state of deep groove come New Years Eve!

Connect with Green Velvet: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



The Him will no doubt be bringing the energy to the Decadence crowd with their melodic synths and lyrics that you can’t help but sing along with. With hit releases like Feels Like Home and Balance, The Him never fails to hype up a crowd at the same time as getting the emotions pumping. Recently performing in front of many large crowds around the most popular of festivals, The Him has become an influential force in the industry. There is no doubt they will bring their A-game to Phoenix. 

Performing on Saturday, December 31st, The Him will be joining other huge names in the industry, and the vibes will be unbelievable. 

Connect with The Him: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 


DecadenceArizona2016_Jauz (1)

Considering the massive success and following artist Sam Vogel, better known by his stage-name Jauz, now has it’s hard to believe that just two years ago he was a fan like any one of us. He has an impeccable talent for genre-blending; he can do everything from deep house to bass-heavy trap and make it seem effortless. No matter what genre Jauz plays during a set, he brings a contagious energy.

Through his authenticity and hard work he’s built a brand and made a name for himself in this industry. Vogel prides himself on having original sets and giving his fans a truly unique experience at every show, demonstrated by his recent ‘Off the Deep End’ project where he plays something totally different than what you might see during a Jauz festival set. At only 22 years only Vogel is one of the youngest and most innovative producers making music on the scale that he is.

Jauz – Feel The Volume

Jauz skills have caught the attention of some big names in the industry, too. He’s remixed and worked with some heavy-hitters: Marshmello, Tchami, Diplo, Skrillex, Netsky, and the list goes on and on. His first single “Feel the Volume” was released under the Mad Decentlabel and he’s been releasing non-stop hits since. He’s constantly putting out new music for fans. Keeping with his shark squad theme, just this past summer Jauz released a free single for fans everyday of Shark Week!

Only two years into what is sure to be a long career Jauz has Vegas residencies, a growing discography, and millions of downloads. With new music and show announcements being released constantly it’s clear Jauz plans to go to the top!

Jauz will be joining the spectacular lineup at Decadence AZ on December 31st!

Connect with Jauz: Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud


DecadenceArizona2016_PorterRobinson (1)

There’s not much to say about Porter Robinson that hasn’t been said already. Being hailed as an electronic musical genius, Robinson has built a brand around his music uniquely his own. Playing into video game and anime culture for much of his design elements based around his shows and releases, but creating music that is home to stunning melodies, sophisticated composition, and playful vocalization.

In the last few years, Porter has added a distinct element to his touring platform. Following the release of his immensely popular Worlds album, Robinson took to the road on his Worlds Live Tour where he presented a refined and sleek live setup including turntables, keyboards, a microphone with vocal synthesizer, and drum pads.

The Worlds Live Tour was a major success and Porter has continued to bring this design with him across the world. Just this year, Robinson dropped his latest live edit of his track “Fresh Static Snow,” which is a heart-pounding conglomeration of weighty bass, strident synthesizers, and raw power. Along with the Worlds visuals, this is truly a track to behold in the live setting.

Certainly an artist who we’ve anxiously been awaiting their return, you can catch Porter Robinson on Day 1 of Decadence, December 30!

Connect with Porter Robinson: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


DecadenceArizona2016_Vanic (1)

Looping pop melodies, gleaming electro and future house, and sugary female vocals are all sound fabrics that are felt through the music of Jesse Hughes, who goes by the DJ moniker of Vanic. This Vancouver based DJ/producer has grown tremendously over the years continuously releasing refreshing tracks and remixes that display an outstandingly unique sound.

Vanic has gracefully remixed some big names like Major Lazer, Lana Del Ray, Birdy, CHVRCHES, and Coleman Hell, and worked with some different vocalists like Zella Day, Tove Stryke, and most commonly K. Flay. He’s made his way onto bigger and bigger lineups as he has grown as an artist and performed at this years Coachella which I think was his starting point for many more festival performances.

We can’t wait for Vanic’s sunny synths to be a part of the celebration. You can catch this DJ/producer on the rise December 31st!

Connect With Vanic: Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud


DecadenceArizona2016_Zedd (1)

Whether or not we saved the best for last is up to you, but either way the pull of DJ superstar Zedd is undeniable. Having collaborated with some of the pop industry’s hugest names including Ariana Grande, Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Aloe Blacc, Haley Williams, Ellie Goulding, and Foxes, Zedd is largely a contributor to the genre’s mainstream success.

Zedd got his start in the industry as a producer on many pop tracks including Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and the Beat.” Now, a Grammy, a Billboard Music Award, chart-topping hits, many industry changing innovations, and 2 albums & 2 tours under his belt, Zedd has a repertoire matched by only few in the business.

Clarity is the home to tracks such as the title track, “Clarity” ft Foxes, one of his largest tracks to date, as well as “Fall into the Sky,” “Spectrum,” and “Stay the Night.” Following the record’s success, in 2014 Zedd collaborated with Ariana Grande, producing the beat behind her track “Break Free,” a pop sensation.

In 2015, Zedd released his sophomore effort, True Colors, powered largely by a huge ad campaign which included very special competitions allowing fans the chance to meet Zedd and preview the album via an exclusive performance in select cities.

Now, we welcome this accolade-stricken producer to Arizona for Decadence Arizona… the largest production we have delivered to date.

Connect with Zedd: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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