Relentless Beats

Bingo Players to Bring Hysteria to the Old Pueblo

Tucson, Arizona welcomes a modern staple to the dance music industry for a night of bouncing riffs and groovy beats. We are excited to welcome the upbeat and joyful sounds of Bingo Players to the beautiful and historic Rialto Theater. Tucson’s best venue is in for a treat and a much needed shaking-up for the evening. We encourage everyone to make it out for a night that will all but disappoint.


Remaining loyal the music scene, Maarten Hoogstraten, has decided to continue the legacy of his late friend and musical partner Paul Baumer. He does so with incredible brilliance and passion for the music as is demonstrated through continuing the Hysteria Radio monthly podcast, producing new music, and touring the world. Maareten has made it his mission to honor Paul by continuing to fly the Bingo Players flag, and he is doing so with great strength. Although now working alone on a project that once belonged to him and his friend, he represents the spirit of what they originally set out to accomplish with pride. There is a reason Pasquale Rotella decided to feature Bingo Players on Insomniac‘s “Road To Nocturnal Wonderland” Edition of Night Owl Radio. Rotella recognizes the talent and devotion Hoogstarten has for the craft.

Bingo Players is an example of selfless dedication to the music and the fans of Bingo Players. His level of commitment can be heard in the music. The rocking sounds and catchy riffs have come to be a definitive representation of what the electronic dance scene is all about, so come on out for an experience that promises to be solely about bringing the good vibes and honoring electronic music in it’s purest form.

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