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4 Diverse Valentino Khan Tracks That Even Your Picky Friends Will Like

I don’t think we at RB need to inform you why we think Valentino Khan is the cat’s pajamas: I mean, with a Soundcloud littered with progressive house, Hip-hop, and techno influences, there are probably at least two tracks to satisfy any of your friends who are skeptical of anything that isn’t a “niche” genre. Fortunately for all your picky and self-righteous friends, today we have compiled four of his best tracks that could fit anywhere from a house-party, or maybe even the “baddest” baby shower in AZ:


Techno Set (Miami 2016)

Now, this is an odd choice, isn’t it RB? Usually it’s a bit unorthodox to use a full live set as a countdown track, but we found it extremely important to highlight the techno aspect of Khan’s music. Usually when we hear a modern techno track, there always seems to be that lingering feeling of “dated.” How can we blame ourselves? Techno was one of the first introductions that some of us younger folks had to the dance community. What seperates Valentino Khan’s Techno set, is his ability to make his sound so pristine and clear, that you forget it draws upon older generations. Now, this is not a diss to techno fans: it still is a very viable genre, but most artists have taken the time to focus their work on either being apart of, or creating new sub-genres. You’re able to tune into any specific part of Valentino Khan’s Techno Set, and you’re bound to be surprised the way he updates an older genre to fit a more musically-demanding demographic.


Dillon Francis – When We Were Young (Valentino Khan Remix)

For number three, we thought we would bring you guys a little trap to the game. With Dillon Francis’s original vocal track, this trap banger feels just at-home with Progressive House fans as well as those that prefer something a little dirtier. While this may not be as “trap” as our friend, Bro Safari might call it, Khan manages to mix quality sounds in a minor key that keep the integrity of a ballad, but the drops involve a heavier, darker drop that makes that wait for it oh-so more satisfying before.


DJ Green Lantern & Valentino Khan Featuring Iggy Azalea – Know About Me

Oh dear, here she comes again: this isn’t the first time an article on RB has featured Iggy Azalea piece, but hate her or love her, the trap aspects in this song are much stronger than the latter. You may think we are “cheating” by listing another trap song, but unlike the latter track, this banger goes full trap and is quite unapologetic about that fact. Behind Iggy’s vocals are very aggressive hip-hop beats that mix the sounds of Kendrick Lamar, David Aude, and DJ Khaled in this party-like-yet-intelligent house thumper. Also, don’t lie, RB, I totally saw you cringe when I typed the words, DJ Khaled.


Animal Style (Original Mix)

For the coveted number-one spot of your Valentino Khan playlist, we decided to go back to the roots. No, not the band, but a little diddy Khan likes to call “Animal Style.” Maybe stemming from Los Angeles, he knows the power of the In’N’Out secret menu, but greasy spoons aside, Animal Style is possibly one of the strangest, yet intriguing songs you’ll hear. Listed under the genre, “Tropical Bass,” there’s quite a few people who haven’t heard that term in quite a while. Not to mention this happens to be his first track ever listed on Soundcloud.

When you get down to the nitty-gritty of the track, this beach banger combines drum+bass-esque synths with a steel drum in the background to give it almost a frantic feel; and don’t you miss that feeling in the club? We have so many feel good ballads in today’s cycle of EDM that it is rare to find tracks that can make a crowd “frantic.” What’s even better than making a crowd chill over your ambient work? Turning on a game-changer like this and watching people lose their minds because the musical composition is influencing them so. Songs like this come once every few years, and sometimes they end up getting hidden in the wood-work. In all honesty, some of us still aren’t quite sure what exactly  makes Tropical Bass, aside from “global sounds,” but let this be your introductory to something new, ‘animal style,’ and tasty!


Just like a good professor would say at your local college, use this information in your daily life. What does this mean for you? Well, kiddies, get to your most advanced stereo, jump on that shit with some blutooth capabilities, and jam out to the diversity that is THE Valentino Khan. Stay schwifty, RB.

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