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Laxx Premieres New Track “Trash”

Laxx has been around for a while now. Having released several songs off of the Never Say Die label since 2014, they’ve been giving people neck braces after shows since they first stepped up to the stage. In 2015 Laxx released their Twitch EP, both parts 1 & 2 which gained them massive attention and support from fans all over the world. With collaborations with Brillz, Skism, and even more recently Snails, Laxx is easily one of the fastest growing and most dynamic dubstep producers in the game.

They’re most recent release is once again off of the infamous Never Say Die’s “Black Label XXL” and features 21 tracks with all of their exclusively signed artists and more. Laxx’s track off this release is titled “Trash” but by all means not one single bit of this song deserves to be in the trash. Should’ve called it filth in my opinion, and you’ll see why when you click play in the soundcloud player below.

With the sound deign being absolutely 100% on point, Laxx brings a ton of energy in this song with a quick intro and quick build up, right into the drop sitting just shy of a minute. Laxx doesn’t really spend anytime messing around and wants to skip to the part where you hold on to whatever is closest to you and throw your hair back and forth. If you’re up front get ready to hold onto the front rail for your dear life.

Don’t forget that Laxx will be here at Monarch Theatre on October 22nd! It’ll surely be a show you don’t want to miss so if you need to go ahead and click right here to buy tickets. Additionally don’t forget to follow Laxx on all social media accounts found below to stay up to date with the latest news and music!

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