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KJ Sawka: The EDM Drum Guru Joins Ill.Gates for Amazing Live Show

KJ Sawka has been breathing life into some of the most reputable EDM beats since 2010 using a unique combination of acoustic and electronic drums. Most notably recognized for his involvement with electronic music groups Pendulum and Destroid, his machine-like precision on the drums makes him the backbone of every live performance he is a part of.

In his latest live performance venture, KJ has teamed up with Ill.Gates, a bass music producer equally as passionate about live performance, to bring you the Unsung Heroes Tour. With special guest Willy Joy, the bass is expected to be out of this world as the duo throws down using a variety of live performance midi interfaces. Both KJ and Ill.Gates have an extensive background in percussion which is blatantly apparent in this hilarious promo video below. Just look at how fast those hands and fingers are moving!

Although it is intended to be a wild midi battle, the two are expected to complement the playing styles of each other to create a sensational call and response approach to performing electronic music. As stated, they will be pressing “alot of buttons alot of times” with the intention of melting you face. In the words of KJ himself, “CONQUER WITH BASS! DESTROY WITH DRUMS!” Grab your tickets here and prepare yourself for one of the most interesting bass performances yet to come to AZ.

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