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Adventure Club Finally Give Us “Need Your Heart 2.0”

It all started with a teaser clip on Facebook.

Not a week later, Adventure Club released the full cut of “Need Your Heart 2.0.” AC and vocalist Kai joined forces again, this time with the help of Dion Timmer to bring us this dubby, trappy track. Considering the last installment of “Need Your Heart” was literally 5 years ago, released in 2012, I absolutely did not see this collab happening again. It’s badass.

The track pulls in all different styles and is a constantly changing motion of heavy snares and raw, overexposed synths. It cools down into a cosmic landscape of emotion and love, all carried out by Kai’s forgiving vocals. Check it out:

Canadian duo Adventure Club stepped away from their normal sound of a more mellow build & drop to give us something a little heavier, more like trap. This probably came from the influence of Timmer, who is known for working with dirtier artists like Excision – the king of dirty soundscapes. Combining the heaviness with Kai‘s feminine vocals was perfect and genius and everything that’s good about the world.

In case you missed the first installment of “Need Your Heart,” which gives us the classic build & drop, check it out here:

1.0 still punches me right in the feels, but 2.0 gives us a way heavier side of AC, which I can’t help but dance to. So, which do you like better?

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