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Spin it Back Saturday: Diplo’s Revolution

Over the years, Diplo has become one of the biggest and most influential characters in the electronic dance music scene. He packs dance clubs in Las ­Vegas and elsewhere with thousands of fans at up to 300 shows a year, he’s a superstar DJ, a sought-after producer, a taste-making label owner, and aside from his main alias, acts as part of Major Lazer and Jack U.

Not only is he involved with music, Diplo is also a fashion model, a product endorser, a technology investor, an actor, as well as a filmmaker, author, cartoon creator, and philanthropist. Above all else, I think we can say Diplo is a trend spotter.

In honor of Spin it Back Saturday, I wanted to feature one of Diplo’s older tracks, ‘Revolution.’

This song was actually one of the first EDM songs I ever listened to, and I was hooked instantly. Not only is the tracks production super dope, but the lyrics are great as well. Kai, who also stars in Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You,’ sings “Fallen people listen up, its never too late to change our luck. So don’t let them steal your light, don’t let them break your stride.” With Diplo being such a big name in the industry, it’s great that his lyrics are so positive and have the opportunity to reach out to so many people.

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