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Damien N-Drix Releases New Track on Heldeep Records

The French have been pushing the boundaries of house music over the last few years with nostalgic electro house vibes, and among them is Damien N-Drix. Residing in Marseille, France, the touring DJ has been making big moves in the industry with releases on massive labels like Spinnin’, Dim Mak, and Hysteria Records, plus impressive collaborations with artists like GTA and Klosman. Additionally, the house producer has also reached the number one position in the Beatport Future House Top 100 (25th overall) and has gained over a million streams on Spotify on his track “Let It Ring” with STV.

This time, Damien N-Drix has released music on Oliver Helden’s iconic Heldeep Records.  As one of the singles off the new Heldeep DJ Tools EP, the new record titled “Talking” has been receiving support from major DJs and is sure to be heard at clubs across the globe for years to come.  The track begins with a classic, crunchy house beat that instantly gets a dance floor moving.  After showcasing a catchy vocal loop, the track grows into a captivating build up that delivers a floor-shaking drop.  Complete with a heavy sub-bass and bright, moving synth leads, this track will put any listener into shuffle mode.

My favorite part of the track is what follows the first drop. At first, it is very disorienting with a thematic church bell, dizzying synth bursts, and the “talking” vocal.  That quickly grows into a satisfying build that includes the full vocal loop, more bells, and a very enticing synth stab that perfectly suits the track.  This brings us into the even more satisfying second drop that makes even bad shufflers (like me) want to dance all night long.  Damien N-Drix’s signature, French-influenced style is always fun to listen to, and ‘Talking’ does a great job at exemplifying this catchy sound.  Keep an eye out for this guy, because he is sure to become a massive name with even more releases over the next few months

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Source: We Rave You

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