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Illenium and Kill The Noise Team Up on ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’

Nick Miller, better known as Illenium, has become wildly popular for his feel-good future bass songs that can make even the toughest headbanger ugly cry. His last album in particular, Awake, oozes of euphoria with melodies smooth as honey. Singers like Nevve and Annika Wells lend their harmonious voices to make the tracks thick with emotion.

Anyone who hasn’t seen Illenium live might think he’s your typical hit ya with the feels future bass DJ, but don’t be mistaken–Illenium can throw down. He actually produces dubstep tracks that are only featured in his live sets, which is an unexpected and delightful surprise at his shows. But it’s bittersweet to hear such absolute filth live, and not be able to listen to it when you get home. Finally though, finally, Illenium has released one of these tracks–a collab with Kill the Noise called “Don’t Give Up on Me.”

Right away, the haunting voice of Mako and the interjections of dubstep sounds let us know that this isn’t your average Illenium song, and we have dubstep producer Kill the Noise to thank for that. The drums in the background and the sped-up vocals pick up the tempo until it drops into a full-on head-banger beat. Friends, this is melodic dubstep at its finest. Illenium has surprised us with a darker, heavier track that combines his ability to get us in our feels with Kill the Noise’s ability to get us head-banging. Hopefully this new release means we can expect more melodic dubstep from him. We shall see.

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