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 Mija Gets Personal On ‘Notice Me’

If there is one thing Mija does not do, it’s follow the status quo. Instead, the Phoenix-born producer has spent years fine-tuning her eclectic sound to maintain originality, creativity, and authenticity. Her newest release, “Notice Me,” demonstrates just that. The track features Mija’s vocals – something we have not yet experienced, adding an organic element to the mix. Overall, the song is mesmerizing. It starts off slow with Mija’s haunting vocals, then takes an interesting turn as we end up lost somewhere inside a mixture of gentle piano, sitar, synths, and some bass. It’s raw and original and we love it.

The track is fitting, considering Mija’s announcement at the end of 2017 to give fans a chance to “meet Amber,” her given name. It’s clear that “Notice Me,” is the first piece of herself that Mija is sharing with us.  

We can only hope 2018 will be full of even more intimate releases like this from Mija. Luckily, we believe that to be the case, as she is set to self-release her new EP, The Distance Between Lovers, this February. The EP release will come at a perfect time, as Mija will be coming back to her hometown on March 10 to play at the Monarch Theatre. Get your tickets here.

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