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Breaking Down Migos & Drake’s ‘Walk It Talk It’ Music Video

Did Drake and the Migos drop 2018’s video of the year in March? Quite possibly! The “Walk It Talk It” video is everything and more. My favorite part is every part. Let’s break down what’s going on below, because I’m so excited to have experienced it.

Migos – Walk It Talk It ft. Drake

:04 – Right out the gate we get Jamie Foxx playing Ron Delirious, who is obviously inspired by the bad, bad man himself Don Cornelius, the host of Soul Train and the epitome of cool in his talk and dress. Foxx is definitely the “hostess with the mostest.” The orange jacket over a zebra print button up, the clapping into some hand jiving – we’re in for something funky.

:44 – Woooo….the Migos hitting that snap in sync like a modern-day Temptations as the beat drops. Lil’ John is somewhere smiling right now.

1:01 – Any reference to 70’s and 80’s cool demands someone grooving on skates. Like this moment proves someone is paying attention to the finer details.

1:10 – First rapper up is Quavo looking like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Afro Samurai. His first bars are him straight flexing on us all. He raps “Take my shoes and walk a mile/Something that you can’t do/Big talks of the town, big boy gang moves.” No lies there.


1:49 – It’s a Soul Train line! Everyone knows what a Soul Train line is right?! (Please nod your head). A staple at weddings and parties for years now was a popular part of Soul Train, where the dancers would form two lines with a space in the middle for one or two other dancers to bring their best moves. And you’d better come correct cause everyone was watching. Reputations were made and lost in these moments.

2:15 – Drizzy just slid out from the back and strutted through the Soul Train Line. Someone gif that right now and slide into some DMs with it, please. Drake is rocking a sweet Jheri curl and Michael Jackson dance moves. Between this, playing Fortnite on Twitch with Ninja, and the “God’s Plan” video Drake is definitely winning 2018 and he knows it. His perspective, not mine. See:


3:10 – Jamie Foxx slays this role. #datway

3:26 – This video has been phenomenal so far. If nothing else cool happens, I’m good. Migos and Drake have won. But then! And big BUT THEN – Offset literally gets to be the coolest version of Offset ever seen and steals the whole video. The glasses he’s wearing are lips with mouth wide open. His facial features and hand movements are dramatic. He’s doing the robot. When he picks his afro, it’s his victory lap – he’s staring at us from on top of the ramp with the Ric Flair drip. He exuded more cool in :26 seconds than most people have in their entire life.


3:57 – #squadgoals. Let’s put the over/under on the number of groups you see at Halloween dressed like this at 8. Too low? Probably.

Walk It

4:18 – Offset, who isn’t going to let everyone else have all the fun and be dripping mad coolness without him, comes in with this: “Drop dead fresh, I need a coffin/Balling, something we do often/Take the pot and I’m splashing up, dolphin (splash).” Splash indeed, Mr. Offset. Splash indeed.

5:21 – I can’t believe that was 5 minutes long. It could of went on for 10 second or 10 years and I wouldn’t have noticed. Stick around for the end credits. Whatever Drake is doing is incredible. I can’t believe how much fun they’re having. Isn’t this what music is supposed to be about!? My perma-grin won’t go away. This video is perfect.

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