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RB Exclusive Interview: Bad Decisions’ Arizona Debut

Australian made producers and DJs Cameron Breen & Andrew Ghisoni have quickly established themselves on an international stage, headlining their home country tour in Australia in addition to stages all over the U.S. They are known for their high energy performances and ability to entertain, whether it’s an intimate club show or a main stage festival performance–Phoenix Lights attendees can concur! Capping over 5 million plays on Spotify alone, fans love the pair for their hard-hitting, ground shaking bass music as well as their ability to create heartfelt & melodic dance hits.
We couldn’t let these rising stars pass through AZ without taking the chance to ask them a few questions. Check out our interview with Bad Decisions below.
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Welcome to Planet RB! We are excited to have you! With this being your first show in AZ, how would you compare this show and crowd to others you’ve played?  We have a rep for going “hard AF,” and if that were to be shown at anyone’s set it would be yours.

Cameron: Honestly it was so awesome, everyone for sure went as hard as they could. Especially with the heat you guys have. It’s so hot here and for people to go as hard as they did, we just really appreciate it.

Andrew: We didn’t expect is to be how it was, nothing stops you guys.”

From what I can gather, you both bring very different elements to the partnership. Cameron, you bring the vocals and Andrew your handy with the instruments. Was this made by the design of your partnership or did you both just find your strong suits after working together for a while?

Andrew: We definitely found our own strengths after we came together, we built up our strengths as we worked together over time.

Cameron: Really it was because when we first met we didn’t have any strengths because we were so new, we started with little experience. Andrew comes from a band background and I went straight into production but then I found my voice so it’s just been a natural progression since.

Excuse me while I jump back in the timeline, but how did you guys come to find each other? 

Andrew: We actually met in school. I was 14 and Cameron was 16, we just started working together because we were the only people in our school who were interested in producing. It wasn’t still Cameron left school that we created Bas Decisions.

Cameron: Yeah we really only met because were the only two people we knew who were DJing. Even with being in different years we found each other and clicked.

Your DJ name is about as relateable as they come. How did you guys land on ‘Bad Decisions’?

Cameron: So basically when we were in school a lot of people told us that making music was a “Bad Decision” and with everyone saying that we just wanted to prove them wrong and so our name really shows that.

We love the diversity of your sound. One minute it can be a face melting bass banger and the next you can have the crowd swaying & holding hands to the melodic feels. When crafting your “sound” was the intent to create within two genres or that’s just what you naturally gravitated towards?

Cameron: I feel like we definitely have the desire to make both because we love the hard stuff and bangers. Andrews injects with, “and we will always love the melodic movements [like “Chills”]. Really we don’t want to limit ourselves.” The melodic stuff is definitely the more natural style for us. We both come from a melodic background, but the hard stuff is just fun to make and play. We like our set to have an ebb and flow, constant bangers is a lot so we like to bring a mix….give people some breaks to catch their breath.

We are here under the phoenix lights so I have to ask….in the event of an alien invasion what is the last thing you would do on earth as we know it?

Andrew (bluntly replies): Strippers

Cameron: Time with friends and family

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