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Watch it Wednesday: Galantis – ‘The Aviary Documentary’

If you have been to a music festival recently or even if you just started exploring the EDM scene, chances are good you’ve probably heard of Galantis. The Swedish electronic duo, made up of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow, has quickly emerged onto the forefront of the scene, especially with the release of their latest, and highly successful album, The Aviary. This week’s Watch it Wednesday is a short documentary from Karlsson and Eklow themselves on the making of The Aviary. Check it out below.

Galantis – The Aviary Documentary

In just under five minutes, Karlsson and Eklow touch on the various elements that went into making their second full-length album. They mention how “Hey Alligator” started as a guitar-only ballad, but was gradually built upon, as they continued “putting new clothes” on it. They comment on the challenges in creating feel-good chord progressions in music without being overly cheesy, a struggle they experienced with the making of “Tell Me You Love Me.” They both also identify their favorite song on the album – “Written in the Scars” (feat. Wrabel), agreeing the track still gives them goosebumps every time they play it.

In addition to breaking down the 2 ½ years of making of this album song by song, Karlsson and Eklow talk about the experience of creating their second album as a whole. The craziest part of it all – it was created almost entirely on the road. The “studio” was not a studio in the traditional sense, but rather a portable concept, moving around from laptops to phones as they toured all over the world.

It’s clear Galantis poured their hearts into the making of this album, and it’s certainly paid off. If you want to catch Galantis in action, be sure to catch them at Talking Stick Resort for a Release Pool Party on Saturday, May 12. Get your tickets here.

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