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What to Expect at a Waterpark Festival

Living in Arizona is really a blessing. The sun shines most of the year, our music scene is always growing and the summer is perfect for pool parties and water parks. So why not combine it all into one huge waterpark festival–Wet Electric! It’s similar to the festivals you’re familiar with except the dance floor is underwater and if you fall off some guy’s shoulders it might not hurt as bad. While April is still cold in other states, Arizona is nice and warm and perfect for throwing on a bathing suit and raging to music in a wave pool. If you like to be extra prepared like us, here are some things to expect at a water park fest:

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Expect to get WET! This seems kind of obvious, but you will be in the water pretty much the whole time between the wave pool and the water slides. Wear a bathing suit or something water resistant, because nobody likes chafing. This is also the perfect opportunity to put your cell phone away and enjoy the moment because if you’re raging too hard and drop your phone… well, that sucks. If you can’t leave the phone behind stay on the safe side and put it in a plastic bag.

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Expect to be in the sun all day. If you’re from Arizona you should know this by now, but the sun can be unforgiving here. Wear and reapply sunscreen and drink water because no one likes going to the med tent for dehydration.

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Expect a floating stage unlike any other. The stage at Big Surf Waterpark is in the wave pool which is quite a sight to behold. The stage production, the waves in the pool, and the DJs themselves all make this better than any pool party you’ve ever been to.

Don’t miss out on something special at Wet Electric 2018. Join Adventure Club, SNBRN, Dr. Fresch and more and get your tickets here.

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