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REZZ Curates a Carnival From Hell With ‘Certain Kind of Magic’

One day short of a year since she released Mass Manipulation, Neptune-based alien producer REZZ presents to us her newest curation, Certain Kind of Magic. The eight-track album features spooky slow tracks that intrigue with their storytelling melodies, haunting vocals different from Space Mom’s norm, and heavier tracks with bass to zap you out of this world. REZZ has created a sinister showcase of her hypnotic talent with precision and thematic presence.

According to Isabelle Rezazadeh (her birth name) CKOM “is meant to make u feel like you’re at a carnival in hell.” Every element of this album, from the track titles to the sound production to the album artwork is dementedly carnival-esque. Her previous album, Mass Manipulation, was designed to manipulate through heavy bass and space synths. CKOM expands on this bass with contorted waves of sound that add depth and dimension. For example, “Spider on the Moon” flows from high-pitched distortions that sound like fibers of a web delicately being woven together to deeper, nearly muffled sounds that mimic the legs of a spider tapping across the moon. Perhaps the track most obsessed over by fans and REZZ herself is “Toxin.” Isabelle really stepped out of her comfort zone on this one; the track is heavier on the guitar and drums then we might expect, but it holds a dark sweetness.

Me and the over 15,000 members of the Cult of Rezz are completely entranced with REZZ’s latest creation. I’m praying to the bass aliens that a year from now we’ll have another masterpiece of an album.

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