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Watch It Wednesday: Loud Luxury – ‘Love No More’

Released on the heals on their chart-topping- 30-million-Spotify-streams-sensation-mainstage-anthem, “Body”, Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace of Canadian duo Loud Luxury are back at it again with another pop stomper. Vibing in the same mood as “Body”, “Love No More” puts a pep in your step, a fist pump in the air, and a sway in your hips. To pair with the party track, the boys created a video that puts your college house party to shame. This week’s Watch It Wednesday belongs to “Love No More”

This video is 3 minutes and 52 seconds of red solo cups, muscle cars, bad babes, Henny, and 2 very talented boys grooving to their own track. When the duo planned out this video I can’t help but feel like they wanted to illustrate for viewers just how cool their party can be, all you have to do is hit the aux with this tune. Dying to see what I mean? Check it out below.

Loud Luxury x Anders – Love No More (Official Music Video)

Things are going to get loud and luxurious at Goldrush with this duo on the lineup. Don’t miss these two or you’ll for sure “Love No More.” Grab your tickets here.

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