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Galantis Makes Us Feel It in Our ‘Bones’ With New Single

Every once in a while, you’ll be listening to a new song and instantly think, “Man, this is going to be really popular… like RADIO popular,” and when you bring together two hit makers like Galantis and OneRepublic, whatever they cook up is pretty much guaranteed to become a smash. That is exactly what happened as the Swedish producer duo and Colorado-repping band teamed up to create the folk rock/dance blend “Bones.” Taking a note from previous hits such as the mega tune “Wake Me Up” from the late Avicii and “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, the guys came together to create a guitar heavy tune with Ryan Tedder giving another signature vocal performance, and the Galantis guys putting it all together into a feel good dance song. With light synths and less bass than a usual Galantis tune, it’s definitely something new from the duo, however it truly works. It’s another hit from two acts that clearly have a sixth sense when it comes to what will work and resonate with fans. This pairing of two giants in their respective genres might seem unlikely at first, but with one listen the chemistry, as well as the pure artistry between them shines. You can check out the new single below. 

Love songs will never get old, and Galantis will never not make you want to dance. It’s just facts. A Galantis love song, with OneRepublic to add the cherry on top is something we never knew we needed. Thankfully here at Relentless we have access to a great doctor who makes sure to put us on to music that makes us feel it in our bones. You can stream “Bones” here

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