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SIimez and Popsikl Release Hilarious New Track ‘Instagram DJ’

I didn’t know we needed satirical EDM until I heard “Instagram DJ” by Slimez and Popsikl. The song, which was released late January, makes fun of the ever-changing music industry and its pretty well-received among EDM fans. Slimez, who recently released “Samurai” on Disciple Round Table Vol. 2 tweeted, “We hope that you get as good of a laugh listening to it as we did while making it.”

The two DJs explained that they did not mean for the song to be taken seriously and Popsikl later tweeted that 100% of the proceeds from “Internet DJ”  will be donated to the Fighting Children’s Cancer Fund.

The song itself sounds partly like a 2012 dubstep track and partly like an explosive riddim anthem. It’s funny, creative, and just as riveting as Slimez and Popsikl’s other work. If you like “Instagram DJ” be sure to check out Slimez’s remix of “Witch Doctor” by ATLiens and Popsikl’s “Internet Gansta” featuring BlakkSmyth. Let’s hope we get more comedic EDM from Slimez and Popsikl in 2019.


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