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Barely Alive, PhaseOne, and Virus Syndicate Unleash ‘Arsonist’

When a song starts with “It’s Virus Syndicate” you know it’s going to be a banger. Earlier this month Barely Alive, PhaseOne, and our favorite rowdy dubstep vocalist, Virus Syndicate released “Arsonist” and it’s truly explosive. “Arsonist” is on Barely Alive’s Multiplayer EP with collaborations from heavy bass legends, MVDA, SampliFire, Eliminate, and more. Barely Alive, Matt Meier and Willie Watkins, have been producing since 2013 and their dubstep/ trap inspired sound has inspired countless bass music artists.  Check out “Arsonist” below.

“Arsonist” begins with a vocal section by Virus Syndicate that’s accompanied by electric guitar and heavy metal percussion. The fusion of rap, metal, and electronic music makes for a pretty epic intro that you won’t want to skip. The drop is dynamic with high powered basses that are constantly changing and keep the listener engaged. The first drop is primarily dubstep, but as soon as the second drop hits you begin to hear some dark trap basses that really set the track apart. The sound design throughout “Arsonist” is intense, yet clean and Barely Alive and PhaseOne have completely outdone themselves yet again. The ending of the track pays tribute to old school dubstep with a plucky synth melody that’s a throwback back for older Barely Alive fans. “Arsonist” is a perfect song to add to your workout playlist, but be sure to bring a neck brace because this song will definitely result in some serious headbanging.

If you like your bass loud, you’re going to want to see Barely Alive at Goldrush 2019 at Rawhide on September 27th and 28th (tickets available here).

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