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Spin It Back Saturday: Barely Alive – ‘Static Hero’


Barely Alive is a Massachusetts-based EDM duo whose high-velocity sound combines dubstep, trap, and Drum N Bass influences. The duo began producing tracks in 2013, including digital singles on Dirty Duck Audio and Adapted Records, as well as remixes for Getter, Virtual Riot, Astronaut, and others. Barely Alive signed to Disciple Recordings in 2014, releasing a four-song EP Lost in the Internet early in the year.

Since, their square emblem with two beady black eyes has overcome the bass scene. People flock from the corners of the globe to immerse themselves in the unruly and unforgettable nights these two give at their shows.

It’s when songs like OG slapper “Static Hero” come on where jaws drop, drinks slosh and people mosh (to this day). Something about those static synths and high energy cuts stand the test of time and it makes people give it all they got, causing them to exit the venue thinking they barely made it out alive (it all makes sense). Feel the 2013 bass JAM today as our Spin it Back Saturday track, check it out below.

If you like your bass loud, you’re going to want to see Barely Alive at Goldrush 2019 at Rawhide on September 27th and 28th (tickets available here).

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