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Artists to Watch: Lazy Syrup Orchestra

With a name like Lazy Syrup Orchestra, there are certain expectations, and this group has filled them all. Sweet, sultry vocals hum over a viscous stream of live instruments with golden gooey energy that sticks to your fingers and soul long after their melodies have stopped ringing in your ears. Their free-spirited music inspires satisfaction and peace in audiences across festivals like Shambhala and Burning Man, two of the greatest transformational-type festivals where styles of those like Lazy Syrup Orchestra snuggle right in. Though they may not be a true DJ group, they’re certainly ones to watch. For this week’s DJ(Artists) to Watch, immerse yourself in their Shambhala set from last year below.

Lazy Syrup Orchestra glazes over live music with MC’ing for a warm experience of mellow morning music. A sort of jam band with slight electronic influences, Lazy Syrup oozes along in no hurry to rush through their music, truly invoking a deep calming feeling and cultivating a space for their audiences to just chill and be. Sound delicious to you? Have a taste for yourself when they open for Goldfish at Shady Park for its four year anniversary. Celebrate with us and get tickets here.

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