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Lucii and DirtySnatcha Collab on ‘I Need Your High’

With two of the most meteoric rises in recent memory, both Lucii and DirtySnatcha have been quickly climbing the ranks of the EDM scene. Not only have their discographies captured the attention of the community, but so, too, have their fun, warm, and captivating personalities; this rings true for two types of presence: stage and social media. That, we highly recommend following them online as well as on the road. Better yet, you can find several of those links at the bottom of this article. In the meantime, let’s talk about their brand-new collaboration, “I Need Your High.”

As one would expect and, frankly, hope, Lucii lends her lovely vocals on “Need Your High” while both bass producers to get work on the beat behind it. In the early moments of the song, we are serenaded by Lucii’s emotional and powerful vocals while the track gradually progresses in the background. Soon, the drums begin to build, the pace quickens, and we’re suddenly speeding toward our  inevitable destination: the drop.

When you hear the drop for the very first time, don’t be surprised if your chin is sore in the morning, because your jaw is definitley going to hit the floor. With very deep bass, white-hot drums, and a hype-filled synth on top, there is no doubt that the first drop will be heard at many events in the near future as well as well beyond it. Even more impressive, each drop throughout the track adds something new and exciting to this experience; as a matter of fact, this is evident as soon as the second half of the first drop.

Suffice it to say, from start to finish, Lucii and DirtySnatcha never stopped asking themselves, “What can we do to make this song even better?” And the results, of course, speak for themselves.

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