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Chris Lake and Cloonee Unleash Their ‘Nightmares’

You will never sleep again—Chris Lake and Cloonee have teamed up to make sure of that. The producers recently released their first collaboration together, “Nightmares,” via Lake’s label Black Book Records.

True to its name, the eerie tech house track is perfect nightmare fuel. The record begins with a concoction of eerie audio elements, including an ominous ticking clock, shaky breaths, and a deceptively innocent voice telling you to “wake up.” A dark, gritty bassline and swirling melody build the suspense, followed by bass-heavy kicks and dissonant, arpeggiated synths after the beat drops.

Don’t be scared, listen to “Nightmares” below:

Though this sinister tune may be what nightmares are made of, Chris Lake and Cloonee are certainly a dream team in the studio. Both of the producers have had quite an exciting year thus far, with global tour schedules, new music releases, and for Cloonee, a record label launch. We can’t wait to see what these two house maestros pull off next! 

Catch Cloonee and Chris Lake at the Phoenix Raceway on May 28th and 29th for Under Construction! Chris Lake will be going b2b with FISHER alongside Hot Since 82, Eli & Fur, and more. Don’t sleep on this; grab a buddy and get your tickets here before it’s too late.

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