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Kyle Watson Unleashes ‘Kick Drums’ on New Label, No Context Records

Armed with velvet basslines and chunky drums, Kyle Watson’s sound designs scratch an itch in your brain. The South African producer/DJ has received immense support for his forward-thinking house music over the years, with his records finding homes on revered labels such as Club Sweat and Realm to Solotoko and Sink or Swim.

Watson’s latest release, “Kick Drums,” arrives with an exciting announcement: the launch of No Context Records. The house music aficionado teamed up with his wife, Natasha Watson, to bring the label to life. Introducing the newly minted imprint, the duo stated:

“No Context is that tingly feeling you get when the warm embrace of a good bassline wraps around your ears. Isolate that bassline – take it out of context – and suddenly it makes a lot less sense. It’s the combination of seemingly random and unrelated elements that create something truly magical, and that’s what inspires us here at No Context.”

“Kick Drums” rings true to the label’s brand. Fueled by a cascade of kick drums and distorted vocals, the track features spine-tingling textures and a low-rumbling bassline that tickles your ears. Check it out below!

Kyle Watson is returning to Sunbar with his captivating basslines for his “To The Desert” Tour on April 22nd! Click here for tickets.

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