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SOHMI Paints a Prismatic Dream on ‘Recital’ EP

SOHMI is carving out a space in the global dance scene for her self-pioneered brand of minimal pop-tech. SOHMI’s artistry draws on sounds spanning various genres, from minimal techno and house to R&B and pop. She weaves evocative narratives through hollowed vocals, compelling grooves, and enchanting melodies. Her productions are a slow burn that engulfs the dance floor in a blaze of emotion. 

Her latest release, a four-track EP titled Recital, is her most personal work yet. Recital chronicles her journey of returning to herself while growing as a musician. The EP displays a spectrum of glimmering textures and vivid tones, transporting you across a kaleidoscopic, dream-like world.

Saturated with shimmering synths, “Somebody” opens the EP with ethereal tones and glossy vocals. “Missin U” casts a darker undertone with its driving bassline and hollowed vocals while flickering synths fracture the intimate, luscious soundscape. “Only One” harnesses a darker groove juxtaposed by serene bells. Closing the EP is the titular track, which steps back from its club-driven counterparts. With pop-inspired vocals, “Recital” wraps around you in a pastel embrace, playing like a diary entry detailing the artist’s lifelong daydreams.

SOHMI’s Recital is where pop music and underground dance gracefully intersect; it expands her sonic boundaries as a DJ/producer, vocalist, and pianist.

Bring your feelings to Darkstar on Saturday, June 17th, when SOHMI returns to Tempe! Click here for tickets.

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