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A Journey Through GRiZ’s Musical Evolution – ‘Rainbow Brain’

GRiZ‘s last curated festival before his indefinite hiatus, Ursa Major, will be held in Flagstaff from September 22nd to 24th. As my all-time favorite artist, I wanted to write a series of articles highlighting GRiZ’s albums and his remarkable musical journey. His unwavering commitment to love and inclusivity shines brightly even in the darkest times, and his ascent up the festival ladder has been nothing short of meteoric. GRiZ captivates audiences with his unparalleled live show, featuring live instruments and vocals that add a unique dimension to his performances. His shows blend funk, bass, and house, which is evident in the diversity of his music throughout the years. In this article, I am thrilled to explore his album Rainbow Brain.

Released in 2021, Rainbow Brain is GRiZ’s only gapless album, where each song smoothly transitions into the next without the aid of any program. Accompanying the album’s release is an incredible visual performance that further enhances the experience. Rainbow Brain delivers as a high-energy album, featuring a range of groovy tunes and heavy tracks designed to set the dance floor on fire. The beautiful intro track, “C h r o m e s t h e s i a,” sets the stage perfectly for the musical journey that follows.

The first full-fledged song on the album, “Astro Funk,” stands out as one of GRiZ’s most popular tracks, showcasing his brilliance in merging funk with dubstep elements. The second buildup continues to demonstrate GRiZ’s masterful skills in crafting buildups, leading to an incredibly funky hook that never fails to get the crowd moving whenever performed live. Following this, “Vibe Check” takes the stage as the most played song on the album by far, another fusion of funk and dubstep that always excites the crowd during GRiZ’s live performances.

The intensity continues with “Burn Up the Floor” and “Tie-Dye Sky,” both representing some of the first true “headbanging” songs ever released by GRiZ. The title track, “Rainbow Brain,” picks up the pace with a true faster-paced dubstep vibe and features some of his best friends and favorite collaborators, ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier. Further along the album, GRiZ stays true to the bass-heavy sound with “548 MAC Ave,” an ode to the old-school dubstep sound and a personal favorite of mine.

Shifting gears to his funky side, “Harmony” and “Gold” bring a fun and dance-worthy atmosphere, providing a breath of fresh air in the album’s progression. “Gold” stands out with its absolutely beautiful vocals by Cherub, promising to get any listener moving to the beat, and is my favorite song on the album.

Picking up the tempo, the next track is a collaboration with one of GRiZ’s longtime friends in the industry, Big Gigantic. Together, along with ProbCause, they deliver a truly memorable track, “Daily Routine.” The beautiful production continues with “Infinite” and “Feel It All,” two emotionally stirring songs that tug at your heart.

The album ends with “Another World” and “The Echo Tree,” a great finish that brings the listener to the end of the musical journey that “Rainbow Brain” provides. This album solidifies GRiZ’s place in the music world, showcasing a seemingly never-ending source of inspiration, thrilling small and big crowds alike.

GRiZ will be missed. Make sure to check him out before his indefinite hiatus. Tickets are sold out, but more info about Ursa Major can be found here!

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